Derketa - Premature Burial SCAM 005
Derketa - Premature Burial SCAM 005
Premature Burial

Eternal Misery
Sharon Bascovsky
[vocals / guitar]
Heidi Franks[bass]
Terri Heggen [drums]
HISTORY Derkéta is a doom influenced death metal band from Pittsburgh, PA. The name Derkéta was taken from Stygian Mythology; she was the goddess of death of a blood drinking cult. The band was formed by Sharon Bascovsky (vocals & guitars) and Terri Heggen (drums) in late 1988, first rehearsal took place March of 1989.

The bands 1st offering was in the form of a 1989 2-song rehearsal that was recorded on a 4 track . Kim August from Ultimatum ‘Zine assisted on the bass tracks for that recording. In February '90, the band released a 4-song demo entitled "The Unholy Ground". Shortly after, an offer from Seraphic Decay Records came into play, Derkéta re-recorded two demo songs and released the Premature Burial 7" in July of 1990. In 1991, the bass was assisted by Mary Bielich but nothing permanent to complete a full line-up.

After tension in the band formed, Terri joined up with Mary to form Mythic, which later disbanded. Sharon continued to write songs and has since been the sole driving force behind Derkéta's sound and main song writer.

Derketa first pressing information: First press trans purple and ultra limited first press splatter vinyl versions, unlike all other Seraphic Decay releases, were pressed at the Alberti pressing plant, because they had coloured vinyl options that Bill Smith didn't offer.

Steve O'Bannon wanted to make these first presses a 'special' release, and unlike most other Seraphic Decay releases, they were actually Strictly Limited to a one time pressing of 500 copies; 400 of which were Purple, and 100 were Multi-coloured/Splatter vinyls.

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Colour Ways Click on the links below for to view images of the Cover Art and Vinyl colourways that I have managed to collected.
Black Print on White Paper Cover with Multicolour / Splatter
vinyl with Black and Silver printed labels. Plus Rare Lyric Insert.
Black Print on White Paper Cover with Trans Purple
vinyl with Black and Silver printed labels. Plus Rare Lyric Insert.
Black Xerox on White Paper Cover with
Purple vinyl with Black, Silver & Blue printed labels.
Black Xerox on Pink Paper Cover with
Mauve Vinyl with Magenta, Silver, Black
and Green printed labels
Black Xerox on Red Paper Cover with
Cherry Red Marble Vinyl with Silver and Black
and Green printed labels
Other colourways that I have seen or seen listed are:
Transparent Green, Blue and Red Vinyls with Black print
on Red Paper and Black Print on Purple Paper.

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Thanks to Sharon Robinson of Derketa for permission to use these songs.