Rigor Mortis - s/t SCAM-002
Rigor Mortis - s/t SCAM-002

Warriors of Doom
Bob Vigna [guitar]
Dave Wilkinson [drums]
Andrew Sakowicz [bass/vocals]
Tom Wilkinson [guitar]
Rigor Mortis - S/T [SCAM 002] Holocaust Recorded and mixed during June 1987 and Warriors Of Doom recorded and mixed during November 1987
HISTORY Rigor Mortis (NY) was formed in May 1986 by Dave Wilkinson and Andrew Sakowicz under the name Defcon. Later changed to Rigor Mortis, after the realisation that another band had the same name. Dave and Andrew grew up in Northwest Yonkers and went to the same high school, 'Gorton High'. Bob Vigna (later of Immolation fame) also a pupil at the school, would join the band as a session guitarist. Bob had commitments to his band Kronix with Larry Lena and Dan Vavrica at the time.

1986 would see Rigor Mortis record the rehearsal demo "Peace Through Tyranny". The demo featured the songs 'Defcon', 'Wizard of the Sands', 'Relentless Torment' and 'Road Warrior'. The low budget tape was sent to a few well know fanzines such as 'Total Thrash' and 'Violent Noize'. The reviews were average, and Violent Noize, in particular, slammed the hastily recorded rehearsal demo. Bob soon became a full-time member, and the trio would begin rehearsing with a goal of recording a studio demo.

Rigor Mortis would enter Sleepy Hollow Studio in Dobbs Ferry On March 10, 1987, and recorded 'Relentless Torment'. This was the only song from the first demo re-recorded for the demo. Tom Wilkinson (Dave's older brother) also joined the band as rhythm guitarist at this time. Then on May 8, 1987, the band entered the studio to record the second track, "'Rigor Mortis'. and on June 30, 1987, to record the final track, "Holocaust". One of the band's better songs, it was even played live a few times by Immolation in their early days.

The demo was produced on July 2, 1987 and entitled "Decomposed". The demo was sent out to several fanzines, and this time the reviews were very favorable. Borivoj Krgin (Violent Noize) and Andrew spoke on the phone, and Borivoj admitted he liked the tape and was going to give it a favourable review in the next fanzine. As fate would have it, the next issue of Violent Noize never did come out. Regardless, Rigor Mortis faired much better in the press in American, Japanese, and Europe.

In late 1987, there was more songwriting collaborations, and the band started to rehearse some really good material like "Chamber of Fear", "Cardiac Arrest". and "Under the Supreme". Unfortunately, these songs never made it to the studio. The band would enter the studio again though to record "Warriors of Doom" in November, 1987. The song was intended to be part of a 3-4 song demo, but it was never to be. 'Warriors of Doom' and 'Holocaust' would be released on 7" by Seraphic Decay records, and is the only official release.

By March of 1988, the band had sadly split and notably Tom and Bob would join up with good friends Neal Boback and Ross Dolan to form the world famous Immolation.

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Colour Ways Click on the links below for to view images of the Cover Art and Vinyl colourways that I have managed to collected.
Black Print on White Paper Cover with
Trans Red Vinyl with Black and White printed labels.
With rare lyric insert, Xerox on White Paper
Black Print on White Paper Cover - Different Design
with Clear Vinyl with Black and Whitek printed labels.
Black Print on Lilac Paper Cover with Gold Vinyl
with Black, White, Silver and Red printed labels.
Other colourways that I have seen or seen listed are:
Orange Vinyl, Trans Blue Vinyl, Transparent Green,
Clear Vinyl and Lilac Vinyl.

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